Founded by Billy Ingram, on a modest capital of $700, in 1921, in Wichita, KS, White Castle became one of the first most popular burger restaurants in the US. Come 2011 and this fast food giant will be completing its 90th anniversary. The company boasts of being the first to sell a billion burgers and its name signifies purity (“white”) and strength, stability (“castle”). 

7- Eleven
Previously known as Southland Ice Company, 7 – Eleven was in the business of selling blocks of ice to refrigerate food. Now, with nearly 7100 stores in US and Canada, 7 – Eleven is certainly a leader in fast food business.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
KFC was introduced to the world by Harland Sanders in the year 1930. It started in front of a local gas station in Corbin, Kentucky and now, it is one of the fast food outlets that has a major global presence. Serving fried chicken and various other chicken items, KFC claims to have a secret recipe that is the reason behind its delicious dishes.

McDonald’s is a name that is synonymous with fast food. In 1940, Dick and Mac McDonalds, also popular as McDonald brothers started a drive-in restaurant serving barbecue meals in San Bernardino, CA . However, eight years after it, McDonald’s was founded officially in 1948, and it introduced a wide range of eatables including hamburgers, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, French fries and milkshakes. Ray Kroc, known as the man who made McDonald’s was a multi mixer agent. After observing the business of his biggest clients in California, Ray Kroc made strong professional relationships with the McDonald’s brother. Kroc used his salesmanship skills and brought McDonald’s from the two brothers at a price of $2.7 million. The rest is history and now McDonald’s is a legendary corporation with approximately 13 billion revenue generated per year.

So these are some of the most fascinating chapters in the fast food history in America. These fast food giants have a major global presence and they’re managed by some of the most efficient and strong management teams. Carl’s Jr., Arby’s, Domino’s, Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut are some other fast food centers that have been known worldwide. In the fast food history, there has been tremendous criticism of various fast food restaurant chains for producing food high in fat contents. Certainly, there are both advantages and disadvantages of fast foods but no matter what, it is a fact that fast foods are favorites of millions of people.