The restaurant business is one of the hardest industries in which to establish yourself. Restaurants are very expensive to start up and, depending on your location and food specialty, you might have to wait several months before you build up a solid customer base. You might have better luck in a tourist area because they do not already have favorite eateries; however, it is much more expensive to rent in popular tourist areas. If you are passionate about your menu, have good people working for you, and are willing to be patient, you have a better chance of success than other restaurant entrepreneurs.

In order to increase early traffic, you need to invest serious time and work into the look and ambiance of your restaurant. If your dining room looks friendly, welcoming, and fun, more people are inspired to look at your menu and come in a try your fare before they even hear how delicious the food is from their friends. You really want to encourage these early patrons as much as possible; offer free appetizers during one night of the week or discount drinks during happy hour. A fun interior in addition to low prices will definitely help you draw people inside!

The type of furniture and the arrangement of the room play a large role in terms of the atmosphere of your restaurant. The size and placement of the counter bar stools along the bar is just as significant as the type of tables and chairs you use in the dining room. The trick is to try to fit in as many seats as possible without making the room look too crowded. Diners enjoy having their personal space, which is why booths are so popular, so that they can carry on a conversation without feeling that they are too close to other patrons.

You also need to leave enough room between tables so that waiters can move around comfortably and deliver the food quickly.

Ambiance is also created by the lighting and decor. You do not want a room that is too bright or too dark. Depending on the type of establishment that you want to have, i.e. a family restaurant versus a romantic date restaurant, the lighting will change. In order to create a feeling of openness, high ceilings and large windows are a wonderful feature. Color is also a great addition. If you want a modern-looking restaurant, experiment with different artwork and wall colors. The more vibrancy, the more your restaurant will feel lively.

Consult experts when you design your first restaurant. If you choose the perfect barstools and create an attractive atmosphere, then you are well on your way to success!